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The Cabins in Polebridge

Nestled in the captivating landscapes of Polebridge, Montana, these brand-new cabins seamlessly blend eco-conscious living with modern amenities. This extraordinary retreat offers the perfect balance of sustainability and comfort, featuring solar power, air-conditioning, and Starlink internet connectivity.

Solar Powered, Air-Conditioned, and Starlink Internet
The Summit Cabin
The Elkhorn Cabin
The Cascade Cabin
The Canyon Cabin

The Features

Interior and Amenities:

Step inside the cabin and discover an inviting and thoughtfully designed interior. The open-concept living area exudes a cozy atmosphere, perfect for relaxation and socializing. Large windows allow natural light to flood the space, providing breathtaking views of the surrounding nature.

Bedrooms and Bathrooms:

Each cabin offers well-appointed bedrooms designed to provide a peaceful retreat. Each bedroom features comfortable beds, soft linens, and ample storage space for your belongings. After a day of outdoor exploration, you can retreat to these serene spaces and enjoy a restful night's sleep, surrounded by the tranquility of Glacier National Park.


While Polebridge experiences mild summers, the cabin ensures your comfort during warmer days with a modern air-conditioning system. You can retreat to the cool interiors, where the temperature can be easily regulated to create a pleasant and refreshing environment.

Outdoor Spaces:

Immerse yourself in the natural beauty by exploring the outdoor spaces surrounding the cabin. A spacious deck provides an ideal spot to relax and soak in the stunning vistas. You can enjoy your morning coffee while taking in the crisp mountain air or gather around for a barbecue and outdoor dining experience. The cabin's proximity to the wilderness allows you to easily embark on hikes, nature walks, or simply bask in the serene surroundings.



Polebridge, Montana, is a gateway to the awe-inspiring Glacier National Park. From hiking scenic trails to spotting wildlife and admiring stunning glaciers, the area offers a plethora of outdoor activities for nature enthusiasts. The cabin's sustainable features, including solar power and eco-friendly amenities, ensure that you can appreciate the beauty of nature while enjoying modern comforts.

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